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Surveybe is as multi-platform software suite that provides users with all the tools they need to design electronic Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) questionnaires and collect and export analysis-ready data.

It has been built for both simple linear surveys and large scale complex surveys containing multiple linked instruments and using previous data from longitudinal or panel surveys.

Easily configurable and deployable across multiple sectors including agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, civil society and for establishment surveys.

Functionality in all Field Conditions

Data Security as standard

Project Management & Oversight in near time

Flexibility across your project

Confidence in a robust, field-tested product

Expert Advice and World Class Support


Surveybe specialises in providing multi-roster (matrix) functionality, multi-language capabilities, the ability for users to define both simple and complex logical skip and routing patterns, validation rules and numerous question and response options, including multi media and audio auditing.

Our device level encryption of data and flexible data management possibilities, including automatic import of data straight from the field ensures that data collection with surveybe is efficient and secure.

Operating Systems

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In addition, each surveybe questionnaire can be simultaneously deployed onto devices running Android, Windows or Fire operating systems.  Even though each system has its own methods of displaying and facilitating features the surveybe implementer will automatically identify the operating system in use by the device upon which it has been installed to display and behave as appropriate for that system.  This includes use on Android phones.

Product Features Summary


Feature Included 
Collect data offline  ✓
Data encryption at device level  ✓
Questionnaires (Surveybe forms)  Unlimited
Number of variables within questionnaires  Unlimited
Data collection Devices (enumerators)  Unlimited
Data volumes permitted  Unlimited
Flexible data transfer and storage options to avoid external  interrogation of your data  ✓
Data capture per variable to allow survey resumption from point of exit  ✓
Community support (forum)  ✓
Data Export formats including Stata and SPSS  ✓
Conduct surveys on Android OS devices**  ✓
Conduct surveys on Windows OS devices**  ✓
Conduct surveys on Fire OS devices**  ✓
Pre-loading of data to questionnaires  ✓
Use of external and previous wave data as dynamic question/answer options, validation source and label  ✓
Auto-Import Data from Field  ✓
File status Meta-data indicators  ✓
On line reference materials and client documentation  ✓
Access to professional technical support helpdesk (fees may apply)  ✓
Multiple Language forms  ✓
Advanced check, validation and consistency features  ✓
Single-click error location features  ✓
Access to Advanced Data Bowser  ✓
Exportable Questionnaire Design report  ✓
Exportable, report-standard documentation and codebook  ✓
Randomisation of respondents and questionnaire components  ✓
Easy to use, Drag-and-drop Design Interface  ✓
Choice of Colour schemes for Data Collection Interface*  ✓
Software updates available  ✓
Quality control tools including audio recordings for audit  ✓
Cascading ID’s for multi-level questionnaire structures  ✓
Use of images in labels, screens, questions, responses, rosters  ✓
Integrated Bar code and QR code scanner answer type*

* – Android Only
** -minimum version compatibility and hardware specifications apply (link to Devices and Platforms)