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Managing your data with surveybe is easy.  From ensuring the security of your data, automating the import of your interviews, to reviewing the completion and validation status of your files, surveybe provides you with a range of data management tools and functionalities.


Device-level, robust, automated data encryption as standard.  Surveybe takes data security seriously – we deliberately protect your data at the point of collection and provide you with flexible options for how to transfer data back to HQ so that the protocols you follow are right for your project.

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We don’t force or limit your use of any external programmes, servers or other data hosting options.  You can choose to set up the transfer of your data as you please.  Data remains secure and encrypted until it is decrypted from within the Surveybe Designer.

downloadData Import


Collected data is imported to the Surveybe Designer.  When connectivity allows, importing from the field can happen automatically.  Files can be synced to a folder of your choice and the Designer will import and decrypt the data.  Multiple files can be imported instantaneously and your data is ready for analysis immediately.  Data remains encrypted until it has reached the Designer, and you remain in control of who can import and see your data.

Data Review

Once your data has been imported you can automatically see whether the files contain any errors or warnings and know whether the files have been validated or not.

You can quickly target your attention to validating files and/or investigating the nature of any errors/warnings.  Corrective action or communication with field teams can be done to ensure data integrity and quality is assured.  Surveybe also provide functionality for enumerators to include commentary as to why there may be errors or warnings and these comments are also included in the completed interview file.

shareData Export

Once you are happy with your data you are free to export it for data analysis in generic .CSV format or ready labelled in STATA and SPSS formats.


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Enhanced Data protection: setting scope

A rather unique feature of surveybe is your abillity to set the scope of a question.  This means that you can control, right from the design stage, what data is included and visible at different stages of the data cycle.  This is particularly useful when wishing to anonymise data for final datasets so respondents are not readily identified.  By changing the scope of the question you can achieve this without significant extra work in preparing the dataset for export.

Data Browser


Our Data Browser provides users with the opportunity to test and interrogate both their questionnaire design and their dataset from within the Designer.

The Data Browser is useful for four main purposes:


  • Data in individual and across multiple collected interview files can be examined and errors/inconsistencies spotted.
  • Errors in Questionnaire design can be spotted at pilot/testing stages and this can help eliminate data problems that may normally only be seen later when data processing – which could be too late!
  • Information held in Reference Tables can be viewed or queried to ensure correct selection of data from within.
  • Any SQL statements that are used in the questionnaire can be tested to ensure that they function correctly. This includes dynamic answer queries, table pre-population statements, enablement rules, dynamic text statements and validation rules.