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Data is collected via the Surveybe Implementer.  The Surveybe Implementer has been designed to be easy to use, secure and works on a wide range of hardware devices across multiple operating systems: Android, Windows and Fire.  You create one questionnaire and the Implementer will identify the operating system on the device and present the appropriate layout automatically – meaning your data collection is seamlessly handled in field without having to manage separate versions of the questionnaire.

How it works

Once a questionnaire has been created in the Surveybe Designer, it can be distributed freely and simply by a data manager or field supervisor onto as many hardware units as required for a survey without any extra costs.

As a Survey or Data Manager, Surveybe allows greater control over the implementation of a survey. Users can monitor progress and quality of the data being collected as complete files are sent back from field in order to make real-time amendments or updates to the questionnaire design before re-issuing to their field teams. This process is very flexible and can be automated should sufficient connectivity be available.

Using Surveybe Implementer

Interviewer Skills


Interviewers do not require any previous CAPI knowledge, nor is computer literacy a prerequisite for using surveybe as your data collection tool. EDI has found that actual interviewing skills are the most important skills required by an interviewer for successful data collection, not CAPI or computer skills. Many interviewers that we have worked with us have said that they never want to return to paper based interviews.  All functionality of surveybe can work offline so a lack of connectivity doesn’t have to impact or limit your questionnaire design nor data collection.

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Collecting Responses


Collecting responses with surveybe is simple and incorporating a range of multi-media and other answer types is easy with surveybe.  Our Android version integrates the capture of audio, image and other media answer types whilst our ‘file attachments’ response option means you can collect any type of file (e.g. fingerprints, scans, probe readings, biometric data and so on) and have it packaged up within the completed interview files – fully encrypted and secure and set to a specific variable.


Navigating the Interface


Surveybe’s interfaces are optimised for use on the relevant system running on the hardware device.  Design aspects, such as column widths, radio button wrap counts and so on are included as applicable on windows whereas full tablet-based actions such as swiping and scrolling are enabled for Android and Fire units.

Somewhat uniquely this includes the ability to utilise and navigate full rosters – across all operating systems.  This means that finger, stylus, mouse and keyboard navigation is all available to meet the different preferences of our users.

validation Validating Responses

To be extra confident that the responses are valid, they can be checked in a number of ways. At the moment of entering a response, surveybe can either disallow an entry and show an error message, or simply show an error or a warning if the response does not meet the requirements set by the survey designer.

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For example:

  • entering text in a field that requires a number would not be allowed and would trigger an error message to the interviewer
  • entering an age of 125 could trigger a warning message to the interviewer that this seems unlikely and they should confirm with a comment whether or not this is correct.
  • missing answering a question would trigger an error message that the question has not been answered
  • if the calculations of data entered during interview do not fit within pre-set parameters or e.g. do not total a set amount (e.g. 100%), then a warning will be given

android error message

In all cases Surveybe has a single-click navigation to the location of each error or warning so the interviewer can immediately see and deal with the issues.

At the end of the interview there is a validate-all option that will re-check the whole interview and identify any remaining errors or warnings. This function can be used by both the interviewer and anyone performing quality control functions to easily identify areas to address and improve data quality.

error Warning Messages

Users can ensure that they include customised and contextual error messages to enumerators.  These can be set in different languages and will be displayed during the live interview – even when working offline.  The ability to also distinguish between ‘hard’ errors and other warnings can help enumerators understand the nature of the issue.

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Shown below

android warning message

In all cases Surveybe has a single-click navigation to the location of each error or warning so the interviewer can immediately see and deal with the issues.


Updating and Amending Your Questionnaire

Making amendments to a questionnaire once it has already gone to the field is easy with surveybe. Simply make amendments in the surveybe designer and issue the updated questionnaire to field teams for deployment the same day.

Security and Privacy

Data collected on surveybe is fully secure and is encrypted at the device level.  Data remains encrypted until it passes through the import process within the Surveybe Designer.