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Considering food consumption modules in survey design

A new paper co-authored by EDI’s Co-Founder Joachim De Weerdt along with Jed Friedman, Kathleen Beegle and John Gibson addresses food consumption data, measurements, response error, and how findings from a randomised survey experiment in Tanzania can influence survey design.

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A New Year and EDI’s Continued Data Quality Assurances

This year, 2018, sees EDI continue its research and data collection activities across a variety of sectors. We look forward to engaging with new clients and building on successful relationships with existing partners across East Africa and beyond; whilst always ensuring that the data we collect is accurate and of high quality.

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My Internship at EDI so far

Elena Perra joins us from the Erasmus+ per traineeship programme ran by the University of Florence of which EDI is a non-academic partner. Read Elena’s blog post about her first few months at EDI…

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Call for applications: GLODEP intake for 2018-2020 has launched!

EDI is an international consortium partner for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in International Development Studies (GLODEP) – a two-year multidisciplinary master programme in development studies, with an economic grounding and policy perspective. The application for the 2018-2020 intake has now opened.

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Views from Research – No. 10 | Tackling non-standard units with Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)

Most of us can recall, relatively accurately, the quantities of consumption items we purchase; a kilo of sugar or a litre of milk. However, in many surveys in developing countries, quantities are expressed in non-standard units; such as ‘small heap of tomatoes’ and ‘medium bunch of bananas’. This leads to ambiguous item-unit combinations which are then subject to individual interpretation of what constitutes ‘small,’ ‘medium’, ‘large’.

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