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Extraordinary Software for Enhanced Data Quality

Developed by researchers for researchers.   Surveybe brings you the very best in off-line electronic survey software for improving data quality across the globe.  Design, collect and manage your data securely and accurately with surveybe – the researcher’s best friend.


Design all your survey instruments within our easy, intuitive drag and drop Designer.  See how the questionnaire (form) will look in-field via with the integrated preview panel and use in-built check features to achieve error-free instruments.


Collect data, safely, securely offline with device level encryption as standard.  Efficiently deploy the same questionnaire across tablets and other devices running different operating systems.  Free, unlimited installations and data volumes included.


Automate the import of your interviews, conduct checks and analysis, review the status of your files/interviews, export  to Stata or SPSS in analysis ready format.  Surveybe provides you with a range of data management tools and functionalities.

“The enumerators caught on quickly… the time saving from not having to manually enter the data in a database was substantial”

Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics, Virgina-Tech, USA

Design Anything. Collect Everything.

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Product Features

Surveybe’s market-leading range of features mean you can design simple or complex surveys, collect data easily and securely on multiple platforms, then manage, check and visualise your data via integrated Google charts before seamlessly exporting to your analysis package of choice.

Simple Pricing - Complete Control

One Designer – unlimited use.

No limit on Questionnaires (forms), data volumes or field unit deployments. No servers to install.  Complete control over access to your data. Budget with confidence.


An estimated one million+ data collection instances have depended upon on our software across over 50 countries worldwide across a range of sectors.  Tried, trusted and valued across the globe.


Surveybe is developed by EDI, globally respected for the quality of our research.

You can access our expertise via our service options for designing, implementing, and managing surveys, to ensure that your project is the best it can be.